Modules related to this course

Pre-workshop module

Record your radio intro

According to NPR, your intro can make or break your story and they are difficult to write. We're going to kick off this workshop with a bang by asking you to record your own radio intro.

In-session modules

Recording and Editing

Useful tips and strategies for recording and editing your audio files.

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Starting a podcast production

Learn how to plan your podcast production. Choose an idea, describe your audience, and start telling a story.

Choose a podcast format track.

The Interview
The Interview

Learn about the art of the interview.

Solo Commentary
Solo Commentary

Tackle a podcast head-on with monologue-style commentary.

Nonfiction and Fiction Narratives
Nonficiton and Fiction Narrative Stories

Narrative or investigative journalism? Fictionarl stories of theater? You decide where to take the audience.

Hybrid Storytelling

Different aspects of various formats or the repurposing of existing content.



Reflect on your workshop and production experience.