Storytelling Fellows Podcasting

A UW Libraries online workshop for podcasting storytellers

Have you heard?

In a world where everyone interacts with digital media, podcasting is one of the more ubiquitous and longstanding forms of digital scholarship. But podcasting is so much more than a recorded broadcast. It is a compendium of stories and voices often told by individuals within the community.

Podcasting is personal and personalized.

Need to find a comedic podcast about obsessive eating and discussions of race, culture and body image? The Sporkful has that covered. What about a political podcast hosted by a U.S. Attorney fired by the Trump Administration who talks about fairness and justice in the American legal system? Stay Tuned with Preet might be for you. Or how about a podcast show from a fictional town wherein strange events occur, possibly involving mysterious private corperations? Welcome to Night Vale is the answer. No matter what the topic may be, podcasting is here and everyone is doing it.

And you could be doing it, too.

The University of Washington Libraries hosts a new workshop for UW graduate students on the basics of storytelling for the podcasting platform.

In this course, you can expect to:

Produce a short 2-5 minute (or longer!) podcast segment by recording, editing, reviewing, transcribing, and reflecting on your work.

Identify a number of tools, platforms, and strategies for developing and hosting a podcast.

Learn about the importance of accessibility, preservation, open access, and digital safety.

Overall, the purpose of this workshop is to expand the boundaries of digital scholarship and digital storytelling by exploring new genres and platforms. This workshop will extend opportunities to graduate students to generate digital scholarship through the development of non-curricular products and build skills through partnerships with the UW Libraries.

Let's listen and learn together.