Hosting and Publishing

The where's and how's of podcast hosting and publishing

Ready to share your podcast?

We are used to listening to podcasts through apps or websites like iTunes Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. But, these websites and apps don’t actually host your podcast, they link to them. In order to share your podcast with your community, however big or small that may be, follow these steps:

Where do I begin?

Find a host. There are lots of podcast hosting services out there, and they all claim to bring different values such as helping grow your audience or make money, but they can come with a price. Here are a two free hosting services that we like:

Podcast Generator: this is an open source and free RSS hosting site. It has an easy user interface and easily uploads to Apple Podcasts and the iTunes store (as well as other podcast apps and sites), thanks to their shared metadata. You can use the RSS feed on your personal website or social media.

SoundCloud: SoundCloud is a great hosting source, because it also has its own listening community! Free and easy to use, the RSS feed created by SoundCloud can be submitted to other podcast apps and websites like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Post-session This is all you need if you just want to put your episode on a website or post it to your Twitter. But, if you want to continue making and sharing episodes you might want to consider the next step.

Share your podcast. People listen to podcasts on several different apps or sites, here are some of the most popular ones. Each site will have its own slightly different uploading process and policies, and often you will need to have a collection of episodes before your podcast is accepted.

Apple Podcasts: You will need to make an Apple ID and then your podcast will have to be approved.. Apple has created some helpful guides on setting up your podcast.

Stitcher: You will need to set up a Stitcher account and then your podcast will have to be approved. They have an extensive FAQs page that is helpful.

Spotify: You will have to create a Spotify account and then your podcast will have to be approved.

If you are going to put your podcasts online, do an audit of your online safety and security. Do you have safe passwords? Consider making passwords using the “diceware” method and using LastPass. If you Google yourself, what information do data brokers have about you? Consider contacting data brokers and requesting they remove your information.